Dance Classes

Hot MamboYou don’t have to have a partner and it won’t matter if you’ve got two left feet or can’t hear the beat to start dance classes with Retro Dance.

You will dance the basic steps within minutes !!!

We specialise in group tuition, so you can learn and socialise at the same time in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.
We teach individual steps to give people sound foundations for their future dancing and to give them space for imagination, creativity and skill to use their dance knowledge on a public dance floor.

With unique techniques, developed to instruct dance classes, we will guide you through the world of hot Latin dances, exciting rhythms of Argentine tango or the glamour of ballroom. You will learn new foot patterns, technique and styling.
With revision of the material and practical dancing  with a variety of partners, you will greatly improve your dancing in no time.

Contrary to common methods of routine dancing we don’t teach sequences so people can use space more freely and can express themselves better.
We put quality before quantity so our students are known for a great style, precision and natural dance appearance.

Dance classes are conveniently held in several suburbs around Sydney.
For those more ambitious or in a hurry private dance classes are also available.

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